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re: The MoD Guild Policy

The Ministry of Destruction is considered an active and mature guild, and we expect the same of our members. Here is our guild policy.

Disclaimer: The MoD's Officers and I represent the leadership of the guild, and we reserve the right to remove accounts from the guild in order to preserve the integrity of our Guild, as well as ensure that all our members continue to enjoy playing DDO as a game. As a member of MoD, players are expected to follow these policies. Violations of the policies listed below may result in the player being removed from the guild.


Players are expected to have 1 character on their account logged into the game at least once every 2 weeks. Its generally a good idea that you keep your alternate characters logged in regularly so they don't accidently get removed. We also rely on our members activity and contributions to keep our guild moving forward. Logging characters in for a few minutes to keep the account active and avoid removal, then logging off for another 2 weeks without explanation is frowned upon, hurts the guild, and may lead to removal of your account.

However, Accidents and Real Life will get in the way of your DDO time, and we don't want to remove you from the guild because someone in your family passed away or the you have an especially brutal exam schedule. If you have to step away from DDO and MoD for an extended period, PLEASE let us know by taking a few minutes to send a quick message to an Officer or by posting here on the forum. This way we know not to remove you from the guild. Similarly, if you decide that your DDO golden days are behind you (say it ain't so!) and are moving on, please let us know as well, so we're not left wondering what happened to you.

MoD Forum activity is also encouraged. MoD uses the guildlaunch forum to post information that is too lengthy to be shown in the In-Game Message of the Day. By not frequently checking the MoD's forum, you run the risk of missing important announcements, advice, polls, and other information. Similarly, we recommend staying on top of the game by checking into the Main DDO Forums and seeing what's happening in the game.

MoD has a heavy emphasis on teamwork & interaction. We are very proud of the community we have built here, and ask that all members work together to contribute to it and enhance it. It is highly recommended that you modify your party chat channel to receive guild messages so you can communicate with fellow guildies. We also encourage the use of in-game UserChannels so you can communicate with other players on Thelanis. Raid & Quest attendance is also highly recommended, but not mandatory. If you opt not to participate in the scheduled events, you be will missing out on our primary guild events and camraderi that make the MoD Experience worthwhile.


The Ministry of Destruction wants to ensure that all members feel at home in a relaxed, family-friendly, environment. Members are expected to be:

  • Respectful and Courteous of other MoD members, and other players in the game.
  • Willing to offer help or constructive criticism as needed.
  • Mature. We have no age limit, but we expect everyone to act like grown ups.
  • Keep it clean. No excessive foul language, racial/religious slurs, etc. Don't be constantly complaining because you didn't get your way.


We acknowledge that"Your loot is your loot". But we ask you to be wise with what you pull. We believe that no bit of coding is worth exploiting another player. If you decide that you don't need an item, we ask that you put it up for roll so everyone in the group gets a fair & equal chance at the item. Proxy rolling for items, or selling items in the chest will not be tolerated, as it is unfair for other members of the group. Failure to comply may result in discipline, probation from future guild raids, or blacklisting.


If you have a problem with another player, we recommend /squelch <playername> and move on. However, if you feel that the offending player has gone too far, make sure you consult with the Officers for advice. Similarly, if another player has a problem with you, redirect him to one of our officers and we'll work the issue out.

If a member violates the Guild's Code of Conduct or any other aspect of the Guild Policy, an Officer will inform the member of his error, and issue a "strike". When a member receives 3 strikes, he will be removed from the guild, and will not be allowed to return.


The Ministry of Destruction maintains a Two-tier hierarchy consisting of a "Board of Officers" and the regular members.

The officers generally represent the most active and experienced players in the guild. Cryohazard is currently the Head Officer (Leader). He is responsible for calling officer meetings and serves as the in-game means of promoting/demoting officers. He also assists in the tasks that the other officers perform. The other officers are Melserpina, Aidionus, Altazarb, Bibimbap, and Rindolh.

The officers make the big decisions that ensure that The MoD runs strong, drama-free, and fun-filled. They are responsible for assisting in recruitment, alliance development, and guild quality control. There may be several meetings throughout the year to discuss certain aspects of the guild, and propose adjustments.

Members that have gone above and beyond in contributing to The Ministry of Destruction may become eligible for a promotion to Officer Status. These individuals must exhibit selflessness, leadership skills, an enthusiastic willingness to help, and many other of the ideals of the Ministry of Destruction. If a member has shown these abilities, the other Officers will approach the member about joining the Officer team. If the member is interested, he will undergo a week-long period of training supervised by the Officers. This will involve leading of raids, a summary of Officer duties, and a thorough review of guild and recruitment policies. If the member has performed well during training, the officers will decide on the promotion at the end of the training session

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